Body Back®

Session 1 (March-April 2017) Results: 6 Beautiful Mamas lost a total of 28.5 Pounds, 30.75 Inches, and increased their average strength by 37.3%!

Session 2 (May-July 2017) Results: 7 Incredible Mamas lost a total of 65.4 Pounds, 48 Inches, and increased their average strength by 57.99%!

Session 3 (September-November 2017) is closed. Our next session begins in 2018!

Body Back® is a results-based workout designed for moms who want their body back, whether they just had a baby or their last child was born twenty years ago! Most importantly, it will help women unlock their personal possibilities in an inspiring and powerful environment. Body Back® clients experience targeted high-intensity workouts, inspiration and motivation in every class.

What Does Body Back® Include?

  • 2 workouts per week in a small group format
  • Personal binder with recipe book, meal plan, and nutrition guide.
  • Before and after fitness assessments and measurements
  • Online coaching and support

The workouts have been clinically proven in a university research study to help moms lose the weight and return to their pre-baby body composition and confidence. Moms all over the country are achieving results that they never dreamed possible.


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